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Forearm stands in Yogayama yesterday have me, I suspect, with a tight and spasming back.  I took it easy last night and got up early to do Sunrise Yoga very aware that I might need to modify and make sure I didn’t injure myself any further.  Class went well, and I hope I’m getting in there to loosen it up.  After class I went into the locker room to suit up for the road training in a pair of tights and a short sleeve technical tee.  Adidas headband, shades and CamelBak with a new Metal playlist on my iPod Shuffle I’m good to go to do a 7.5 mile course from Gold’s Gym at Noe and Market throught the Pan Handle and Golden Gate Park to Stow Lake and back to the gym through the Haight Ashbury.

Taking Noe Street to Scott and then down Fell through the Panhandle is the flattest way to Golden Gate Park.  Once I got there took some new trails that have just been landscaped East of the California Academy of Sciences.  Very nicely done, kudos to the Department of Parks and Rec.  Soon I’m emerging, running across the front entrance of the Academy and back behind the Music Concourse.  Past the Japanese Tea Garden and onto MLK Drive and I’m wondering where the trail that leads up to Stow Lake must be and I see a road coming down a hill and assume that that must be the way up there.  It is.

Even though I lived in San Francisco all of my life, I hadn’t been to Stow Lake since I was a kid.  I come off the road and I look across the misty man made lake at a painted Japanese pagoda on the opposite shore.  I stop to take pictures and get my bearings, about 3 miles in 50 minutes.  I knew with my timing that this was the turn around point but I had enough time to circle the lake.

Seeing the crumpled, oxidized tower of the deYoung above the tops of Eucalyptus and Monterey Pine, I took a staircase down the trail, its snail shell banister butt end remarkably familiar to me.  Popped right out on JFK and navigated my way behind the tennis courts to the carousel and through the petting zoo of the childrens playground.  Dank tunnel and dry fountain to Haight and Stanyan, running past boutiques and coffee shops getting really hungry so stopped for some bananas to eat on the run and blackberries which proved bitter in my smoothie.

So I know when I get to Haight St. I’m almost back at the gym and I’m doing good on time.  When it comes to race day, getting to Haight St. is gonna be the ultimate challenge, all of the rest of the course is just a walk of shame in drag on a Sunday.  It might not look pretty, but girl, you will make it home OK.  I would have preferred to go longer on today’s course, but time didn’t allow.  The best thing is I’m working the SF Marathon course and learning how to link it all up.

  • 3 June 2010
  • 7:27 – 8:56am
  • 1:26:07
  • 7.52 miles
  • 11:27 avg. pace
  • 5.24 avg. speed
  • 330 feet climbed
  • 957 calories burned


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