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Daunting run ahead of me today, but let me prepare for it by backtracking and talking about Wednesday’s run with my activity partner.  The day started with Yogayama at 7am and then a run with Cameron at 9.  We were finishing up our course review and ran from Battery Chamberlin to Fort Point and back.  Cameron is looking much stronger with his familiar knee pain migrating around so I added the bit extra at Fort Point as a challenge.  Tuesday night I spent some time researching blogs by amateur runners and found some good tips about gait, basically a technique where one springs from the balls of the feet in order to avoid the slowing of a heel strike.  I pointed out a few improvements Cameron can work on to improve his stride and I’m working on improving my own.  Things are shaping up well for the SF Marathon and today I’m going to do the Bridge into the Marin Headlands: SCA, Alta, Bobcat, Miwok and back via Coastal.  About 13-15? We’ll see… I am procrastinating a bit, hanging out at home and listening to the Doobie Brothers, but I wanna hit the road soon so I can make a 4pm yoga in the Castro.


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