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I haven’t done yoga at all this week.  Mostly because my body has been letting me know it needs sleep because I was overexposed in the sun and partied a bit much at Sonoma County Pride.  Also, I haven’t really sat down to remove all of the toenail polish I put on to match my one piece swimsuit and high heels and my toes look pretty jacked up from that.

But I still did my Wednesday morning trail run with my activity partner, Cameron.  We did 4.28 miles up and down the Bunny Trail this morning in Montara State Park above Grey Whale Cove.  It was a typically misty morning on the coast there and because of all the rain we’ve had this spring, the flora siding the trail was lush and overgrown.  In fact it towered over our heads and so encroached the trail it felt as if we were running through a salad.  Cameron took to the uphill switch backs quite well, only having to walk to recover on two occasions.  On the first one of these we ran into some State Park Rangers assessing the trail, I said to Cameron, Oh we look pretty impressive now! and the Ranger said, Here comes 2 fit hardcore runners!  It was great and great timing.  We continued up, I pointed out the parking lot down the hill lost in the mist and we made our way back down.

It wasn’t until the trail leveled out that Cameron’s knee became an issue again.  I recommended he watch some downhill trail running video on YouTube to give him something to think about regarding downhill form.  This trail was great for me and my training because where Cameron lagged I picked up my knees and feet and explored technique.  Nice to know when I got up the top I wasn’t winded and pointed this out to my activity partner somewhat arrogantly.



  1. you partied too much?
    I’m shocked!! ;P

    • polynesian69
    • Posted Wednesday 9 June 2010 at 1:05 pm
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    Let me rephrase that: I partied just enough and could have partied more, but at least I didn’t party over much!!!

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