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Still no Sunrise Yoga this morning.  Instead I did some street training: a long run from my house down 7th Street to Dog Patch back through AT&T Park, Embarcadero, Fishermans Wharf, North Beach, ChinaTown, Union Square, Market and 6th Street.  What I was doing was hitting the end and the beginning of the San Francisco Marathon, the Dog Patch Portion representing the end of the course and the Embarcadero the beginning.  Started about 7:30 ran down my alley to 7th.  When I was at the railway yard started hitting some gritty industrial trail, which I rather like.  Did the out to Dog Patch turning down 22nd and at 3rd and 21’st peeled down the top layer of my Adidas Speedsuit.  I was running in my new Adidas Marathon 10’s, in fact I was suited up in my Marathon gear and I’m gonna be working on stripping it down so I can run as minimally as possible.  My Garmin Heart Rate Monitor wasn’t registering properly so I took it off in the beginning of the run.  The band was irritating the sunburn on my chest anyway.

Tough and topless past the Port of San Francisco, Mission Bay behind me as I hit AT&T.  Embarcadero now and I’m impressed at how many San Franciscans are out there hitting the trail.  Pier 39 to take a piss and down the Wharf to Leavenworth to cross over to Columbus.  Thought how nice it would be to spend all day in a North Beach Cafe as an old, old man and Grant through ChinaTown feeling refreshed to be running past Feng Shui cures.  Out the Fu Dog gate and its just a short jaunt to Market Street.  Its 9am already and I’m almost home.  Down 5th and down Howard to 6th where I pull the top up of my Speed Suit and pop into Mi Tierra Produce for some fresh mangos and strawberries for a post run recovery smoothie.

  • 10 June 2010
  • 7:32 -9:11am
  • 1:38:48
  • 9.66 miles
  • 10:14 avg. pace
  • 5.87 avg. speed
  • 299 feet climbed
  • 1305 calories burned
  • 153.4 lbs


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