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Headed out to the gym during “lunch hour” because I have a late call today at work and am feeling pretty pumped from my morning run.  Wore my black coach shorts and a black tank top, and a Steamworks jock strap to complete the old school look. I wore my high top black leather Nikes on my feet and my Nike Structured Training Gloves on my hands.  Put the Garmin on the right way, on the inside of the right wrist so that the training gloves didn’t start and stop the lap timer.  Had my playlist _METAL POWER LIFTER OF CREMATION_ primed and in my ears.

Did my usual free weight routine of which I have no desire to detail, but the basics of the workout are using a barbell with no stacked weights and 2 10 lb dumb bells hitting all the inclines with the bar and working out in between with the dumb bells at least 2-3 exercises before resting.  Used my Garmin as an interval timer and for the hour I was there worked out a continuous 51:11.  I also worked some core and was going back to do some chin ups on the bar but couldn’t lift my body weight so I knew I worked out to fatigue.

I’m impressed by my body and my recent tan/burn.  My training is showing some real physical results.  I’m looking more and more like a competitive lady fitness model.  I’m ready for my turn in a one piece swimsuit, high heels and a wig for SF Pride.


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