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Back up and down the Bunny Trail.  What a difference a couple of days make as far as Northern Californian weather is concerned.  Whereas Wednesday’s run was characterized by a clinging mist and chill condensation on the overgrowth bordering the trail, today proved clear and bright with just enough breeze to keep the temp moderate and enough sun to warm one up on the exposed part of the trail.  In comparison, it is much more difficult to run in full sun and heat and one of the good things about trail running is that for the most part one can find cover under some trees.

Out on the Bunny Trail with my activity partner again.  I was proud of him and I can claim that because I am coaching him.  He only had to stop once uphill at the 1.28 mile mark.  When we got to the top of the trail I told him to slap the trail marker and keep going back downhill without stopping.  He took me literally and didn’t stop at all the whole way down.  I could see he was in the zone and I hung back taking my usual piss and pictures running at a slower pace so that Cameron could enjoy the solitude of the trail.  Its that solitude of trail that keeps me coming back and it is like meditation: a counterintuitive balance of movement and stillness.


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  1. one day that’ll be me

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