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Still beautiful in the City with this current warming trend and a perfect morning to finish up the Bunny Trail in Montara with my activity partner.  The drive on the coast was spectacular with offshore fog obscuring the horizon which made it appear as if a sailboat on the ocean was suspended in the sky.  I knew it was gonna be hot on the trail so I ran without a top to get as tanned as possible for Pride. Right now I’m about as dark as I can possibly get and I need to maintain my coloring until the end of the month.  I told Cameron to take it easy on this run because of the heat and reminded him to hydrate when he stopped to take a walk break.  I was also noticing that when he got to the point of maximum exertion he would brake suddenly to stop.  I demoed how he should coast out of his running gate to slow down to a stop just to ease off on the joints and offered that he remember that coasting to a stop feeling when running downhill.  You don’t ever want to suddenly break on a technical downhill. Seriously!


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