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I completed 3 workouts today: a 4.23 mile trail run out in Montara, 30 minutes of weight training at SOMA Gold’s, and Warriors Choice Yoga with Josh Camire.  Took a week off from yoga, not planned, but my body was telling me to get more sleep and rest so it was great to be back in class this afternoon.  I really respond to Josh’s confidence and for some reason I can focus in on his instructions and do the poses with very little interior distraction.  He talked today about the interstices of thought and those spaces in between are where compassion and wisdom reside.  Sounds counter intuitive that wisdom resides where there is no interior chatter, but it makes sense doesn’t it?  Inner chatter is stupid and distracting but when one really needs knowledge, wisdom or understanding, where does it come from? That deep well of stillness.

Weight training was in direct contrast to the stillness of Warriors Choice.  Feeling and looking tough in my black tank top and coach shorts with my playlist _METAL POWER LIFTER OF CREMATION_ blaring in my ears, I started with core and had to adapt a bit with the bar and dumb bells because other patrons were using that equipment.  I was a bit busted early and kind of ran out of imagination for what exercises to put together but I don’t think I forgot anything.  The workout was short but it counted.


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