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Back to my regular morning yoga practice.  Looks like I got the rest I needed.  Seems as if everybody (myself included) decided to wear black wife beaters to class this morning so we all kind of looked like yoga dancers in a music video.  Felt good to be back with the regulars and @suzboop was in class today so afterwards we went to Cafe Flore to fika which is Swedish for coffee, a bite to eat and gossip with friends.

Came home and got geared up in my Speedsuit and Marathon 10’s.  I was thinking I would do the park from the gym but was getting weird weather vibes and decided to come home and do 45 minutes out the door and back.  I ran down Folsom, Infinity Towers courtyard then to the Embarcadero where I stopped to peel down the top of my Speedsuit and take my usual pictures.  Then stopped at Pier 39 to take my usual piss, Fisherman’s Wharf, up the hill to Fort Mason and looped back through the park. North Beach, Colombus, ChinaTown, Grant, Downtown, Yerba Buena then home.  Had a good overall pace and felt great.

  • 14 June 2010
  • 9:31 – 10:57am
  • 1:23:21
  • 7.81 miles
  • 10:40 avg. pace
  • 5.62 avg. speed
  • 321 feet climbed
  • 1140 calories burned
  • 153 lbs.


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  1. You can kind of see where I’m going from here: my long run is gonna take me from there across the bridge, through the presidio and back down through golden gate park, and either haight or pan handle back home via 16th….

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