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Had some morning resistance to going to 7am yoga this morning because my schedule opened up unexpectedly, but I figured the best thing to do was make some coffee and stick with the routine.  Thought that somebody should come up with YogaJamas or pajamas that you wear to bed and go straight to morning yoga practice in.  I did the next best thing, picking up the black Adidas  track suit bottom off the floor and slipped on the flip flops they were resting on, grabbed my black Boris hoodie and was out the door.

Got to class 5 minutes early and it was already pretty full.  Got a spot right next to @suzboop and a yogini regular complimented me on my new sharkfin fauxhawk fade with Viking runes carved into it. Got on with the Vinyasa Flow.  Really glad I didn’t dissuade myself from going to class and now I have time to do a long run.  Gonna try and do a tunnelløpet, which is Norwegian for a run under tunnels.  I can count 9 I can run through so far.


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