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Working on training on the SF Marathon course so today I did a loop in Golden Gate Park with my activity partner.  Starting down by the Dutch Windmills on Bernice Rogers Way we basically ran miles 15, 16, 17, 13 and 14 of the official course.  I wanted to make sure that we were running the right direction even though we flipped the course.  We stayed on the pedestrian path going up MLK where I noticed a tunnel on Sunset Boulevard then switched to a single track trail on Transverse Drive to connect us to JFK.  Tunnel there and then around Stow Lake.  All downhill back to Bernice Rogers Way via JFK, checked in with my activity partner and his left knee was complaining.  We were at 4.88 miles and over target which should have been about 4.6 miles but we were almost through anyway.  Since we were training on hills previously this moderately flat course I considered doable for my activity partner and as his coach its my job to push a little.  My plan worked out.  I trained him up to the distances that I need to be doing on my shorter runs on the courses where I am competing.  He also said that he lost about 10 pounds since training with me and that made me feel hella good.  I’m going to get him up to a solid base of 6 miles and then he will graduate from being my activity partner to my training partner.


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