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Sunday run with my activity partner in Golden Gate Park following the course for that portion of the San Francisco Marathon on a patently splendid morningWorking miles 15, 16, 17, 13 and 14 of the official course. Cameron started out a little quick and I ran along and paced him leading a little bit instead of chasing him like I usually do.  I had to stop and take a piss and pictures and had him run ahead.  He had made some distance and I finally caught him as he was taking off a layer at Transverse Drive.  I ran up yelling “Dude, you are hard to catch!” and I was more than a little proud.  He got carried away with the feeling of running solo, which is a good thing, but he had  overexerted himself and by the time we got to a rise on the single track of Transverse he had to walk it out.  I reminded him to hydrate and we took off again.  The streets are closed to vehicles for Sunday recreators on JFK so wanting to get a little taste of Mary we ran on the roadway.  He started to get that look that experienced runners are all too familiar with: the squinched up face and bent over posture of an individual about to heave.  To confirm my diagnoses I asked him if he felt nauseous, light headed and dizzy; Yes– asked again if he is salivating heavily; Yes again– I’m all dude, spit it out and stop swallowing it.  You are about to puke so just bend over and do it.  He’s all, “No no…”  I’m like, “Go ahead, don’t be embarassed.  All runners puke that’s how you know you are a runner!”  I could see him try but could tell he was a little embarrassed.  I was more than pleased that he worked that hard, it is also helpful for me as his coach to finally have got him to the verge of vomiting so he can experience first hand the consequences of working too hard.  I pointed to the bathrooms and told him to go puke in there but he didn’t want to.  We took it slow around Stow Lake and then I reminded him that we were halfway through and its all down hill “So we don’t stop,” he said, remembering my downhill coaching.  When we got past the Bison Paddock, I had to piss again so I told him he could go ahead and continue if he wanted but Cameron admitted he could use the break.  He was much improved from the brief recovery and before you know it we were already back on Bernice Rogers Way.  Approaching the Contour I mixed it up on him.  I usually have him sprint to finish as I do in training to work on my finish line kick, however this time I told him to run at half his pace in slow motion really extending out his stride like Chariots of Fire.  An old man walking by snickered at this comment.  On the way home Cameron bought me some Dim Sum which he feeds me when I’m driving back to SOMA as is our little reward and post race ritual.


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