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Today is Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  Appropriately I ran the longest run in my life at 19.44 miles in training for the San Francisco Marathon.  Today I also introduced “Space Food” into my training using refueling gels, electrolyte rich sport compounds in a solution of H20 diluted at half strength and candy bars designed for women or in my case, trail running transvestite cyborgs that communicate with dolphins and other sapien and non sapien life forms in urban centered geo-locations or nature preserves.  I chose my course as an improvisational riff on the official Marathon course and it worked well.  I’ll break it down:

  • 6th and Folsom to Embarcadero
  • Embarcadero to Aquatic Park via Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Aquatic Park, Marina Green, Crissy Field
  • Long Avenue to Lincoln Blvd
  • Lincoln to El Camino Del Mar
  • El Camino Del Mar to the Palace of the Legion of Honor
  • Coastal Trail to the Cliff House and Ocean Beach
  • Golden Gate Park via Bernice Rogers Way, MLK, JFK with a loop around Stow Lake
  • Pan Handle to Scott St.
  • Page Street to Market
  • 10th to Howard
  • Course complete at Howard and 6th

I felt strong up to the park.  MLK was kicking my ass a little bit and at Stow Lake took a chance to recover.  There I saw all these snapping turtles.  Saw some kids with ice cream and then the vendor so I got a drumstick and ran with it.  At the Pan Handle I decided that my form was breaking down and I wasn’t going to get much more out of this workout so I ended up cutting it a bit short.  Finished and felt good and relaxed.  I’m certain I can go the distance and I’m kind of where I want to be regarding pace.  The day was hot, I ran in my Adidas Speedsuit, top pulled down pretty much the whole run.

In preparation I used Sports Shield brand lube and anti chafing powder.  They both performed.  The only complaint is my right toes are kind of taking the impact a bit hard and so is my right hip.  I rely more on my right side and the left has a hard time keeping up.  I took gels at miles 5 and 10, the Luna Bar at 15 and then I couldn’t resist the ice cream vendor in the park where I got a Drumstick a mile later.  The 15 mile mark was my peak and my form started breaking there.  I ran out of the Cytomax solution and had to fill my CamelBak bladder in the men’s room sink because the sprinklers were spraying over the water fountain.  The toss up was, do I get sick from getting recycled water in my bladder or do I get strep from the men’s room sink.

All good, I skipped 7am yoga to sleep and rest for this long run.  I also allowed myself to linger, ate had coffee and got my digestion stabilized.  Felt great after the run and luxuriously worked.  My training is totally working.  Could be faster, but I know I can finish.  Had a recovery beer, now I’m on my second and I’m going to have a very sweet soak at Kabuki Hot Springs after I eat.

  • 21 June 2010
  • 10:35am – 2:32pm
  • 3:55:48
  • 19.44 miles
  • 12:o8 avg. pace
  • 4.95 avg. speed
  • 1052 feet climbed
  • 2795 calories burned
  • 830 calories consumed
  • 1965 calorie deficit
  • 155.6 lbs. w/o gear
  • 160.4 lbs. w/gear
  • 153.2 lbs. post workout
  • 2.4 lb. weight loss
  • 65* max temperature
  • 16 mph gusts NW


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