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Nothing like waking up in the morning realizing that you didn’t lose all your shit partying last night and even more, that you ate.  Mexican and margaritas after a work event and all the wine.  Oh shit, good thing I’m in training.

Alarm goes off and I’m dreaming about suburban plastic surgery clinics and an old friend makeup artist is an esthetician there.  I drink a paper cup of H2O and medicine mixture  but didn’t stir it well enough so it is still an orange powdery solid and not in solution.  Kind of waiting to see if Bradley is going to come off shift but he’s busy, meanwhile I’m looking into the screened off rooms observing what I can of procedures.  I’m trying to figure out where I’m gonna run, but my CamelBak has leaked out the bladder.  Have to leave the clinic to find a place to fill it and there is a somewhat abused looking playground so I go to the bathroom there.  Incongruous wooden saloon doors on the bathroom stalls…

Felt distracted and erratic in my 7am yoga class.  Yoga energy was all over the place.  Ben repeated the announcement that he was retiring Yogayama and because I was peeking in seated meditation saw him get emotional.  He had to use his shirt to wipe a tear.  He’s struggling with attachment and is trying to teach detachment but we are all attached and the suffering is in letting go and executing impermanence in being the cause of impermanence and also knowing that because of that you are going to make people suffer.  I can get over it to let him go and pursue what it is he wants to do.  He doesn’t need to stick around teaching yoga at the gym because its convenient to my training schedule.  I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in that slot.

But I made it through and my distant cousin, Lucy who used to manage the front desk for a shop that I worked at 10 years ago showed up in yoga class.  She’s always been quite fond of me and I look forward to reconnecting.  She want’s to hook me up with one of her friends and I say, “Hook away!”

Got a chocolate croissant at Cafe Floré cos I had to see my dental hygienist before noon and I was pressed for time and knew I needed to eat before a training run with my activity partner.  Just came home and changed out of my gym shorts into my running shorts and was out the door and off to Golden Gate Park.

I decided to mix it up and flip the course.  Staying plastic is important.  The course today was down Bernice Rogers Way, up JFK around the interior island at Stow Lake and then hitting the trail between Lincoln and MLK.  It was cool and foggy so I ran with my black yoga wife beater under my Everlast training jacket but by the time we reached Transvestite Drive I had to stow it in my CamelBak.  I don’t ever recall being on the island at Stow Lake and there is a hill in the middle of it that looks tasty for some climbing training.  Ran through the pagoda on the misty man made lake and back over the stony bridge.  Popped down a pedestrian walkway and bam we were right at MLK and 19th Avenue.  That is where we picked up the trail head that runs parallel to Lincoln and we were back at the Contour before we knew it.  Kind of amazed the flipped course cut about a mile off of the way we had trained on it before.  We did 4.5 miles, the other way around is about 5.4. Genuinely flipped.


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