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Slept in and missed Sunrise Yoga again, but perhaps that was a good thing as I was able to do a mid distance run in its stead.  Decided to work the end of the SF Marathon course out my front door down 7th and loop back around the bridge at Islais Creek.  I had two cups of coffee and prepared my space food: 1 2X caffeine energy and another without.  For hydration I  filled up the bladder of my CamelBak with Cytomax sports drink powder in a 2/3 solution and monitored my heart rate with an apparatus designed for that purpose.  Checking the temperature it was 54* overcast gray and mostly still.  I knew was going all out so I dressed scantily in my shortest pair of black Adidas shorts and a blue Adidas ClimaLite tank.

Concerned a bit about my outfit and the weather, but by the time I got to 7th Street I had warmed up perfectly.  Hitting some dirt trail at the back of the rail yard and then on the bike lane running against traffic.  On foot morning commuters where headed over to the Mission Bay Campus and I had to stop at a light with them.  Running under the 280 I was struck by the beauty of the industrial wasteland and shot some photos of it and my self inhabiting it.  Then down Indiana through Dog Patch with its congrous combination of million dollar converted condo lofts and vagabonds encamped in their vehicles fronting them.  At 3rd and Cesar Chavez before I knew it at about 25 minutes when I took my first caffeine free gel.  Past the Splat Cave, the rock and roll warehouse loft I used to live in my early 20’s and across the bridge at Islais Creek.  Wanted to run all the way down Amador to the Port and come back, but saw a gated side trail through an open overgrown field.  Industrial wasted hills composed of gravel like a field of dry volcanoes again I had to have a photo shoot.  As I was uploading an image a vagabond rode by on a beat up black bike.  Thought to go his way but went opposite around the gravel mountain but I couldn’t find a trail out and eventually came to where I started.  Passed the egress had to circle back, got a little lost.

That was only 4 miles in and I was fit to return, a little worried about my time as I got lost and was enjoying myself.  Came down back Illinois and was trying to trespass the field at Warm Cove but it had been freshly barbwired and chainlinked.  Had to track back again and was actually impressed that there was sidewalk and trees there.  Bayshore is being developed.  Had a gel again at Cesar Chavez and was pumping all cruise in my old ‘hood and then I’m back on the Mission Bay waterfront at Agua Vista Park.  A lone fisherman on a dilapdated pier and on the still low tide shambled decomposing piers stripped of their planks.  A tractor was tearing down an old shingled waterfront building and I thought to myself, Rise of the Machines.  I could see the ballpark in the distance and I knew that my run was coming to an end and I was gonna be right on time.

Close to 9 am once I looped the ball park and the South End Historic district and the City was going to work.  Ran through people on their business and emerged on Folsom.  Feeling strong and charged all the way home.  Sprinted down my alley with an overall pace just under 10 minutes.  With my stops and all I hit my desired marathon pace. Rock!

  • 24 July 2010
  • 7:21 – 9:00am
  • 1:28:26
  • 8.90
  • 9:56 avg. pace
  • 6.04 avg. speed
  • 212 feet climbed
  • 1236 calories burned
  • 151.8 lbs.


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  1. Great run recap. I like the description of the city around you while you are on your run. It sounds like you run routes like I do; I just head in one direction to a portion of the city I’m not familiar with and explore it. Keep up the good work!

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