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A Pride to remember, moreover, recall.  I had been sitting on this grey Calvin Klein one piece swimsuit since XMAS and was fortunate enough to be training in such a way that my body could fit in it 6 months later.  I celebrated as Mz. SOMA 2010 and did my annual stride parade in drag down to the first leather bar close to my house.  In previous years it had been Hole in the Wall, but now the closest leather bar is Chaps II.  There is nothing more compelling to me than seeing the transformation on an acquaintances face when they penetrate my transvestite incognito.

Surprised at my commitment to my marathon training and all things Pride related I trained through Pride weekend and even added some shit.  Thursday did moderately long 9 mile run and came in fast just under 10 minute mile pace while exploring the Bayview and the finish of the SF Marathon.  I could really see the effects of working with the gels and sports drink but also the effects of a 2x energy.  Need to stay away from that crack in a sack.  Friday a run with my activity partner, finishing up our 5 mile course through Golden Gate Park and then weight training in my Saturday morning slot.  An unexpected visit by family, an emotional crisis and training related breakdown that was prevented from going full blown by a screwdriver and a pep talk, party, party ,party, waking up in the Oakland Hills on Sunday, Pride and a full booked schedule throughout the week.  I even survived it to Monday to do Yogayama at 7am.

So on Tuesday I got my long run in realizing I’m just a month out from the race and soon I’ll begin to taper and my workload will diminish.  I did 15.68 miles working 16th Street in reverse on my way to Golden Gate Park to do the loop there.  Gave me alot of time to think about how far I’ve come and how much I learned, moreover how much I love trails!  I thought about why I do drag, even though, quite honestly its a mess and it is painful.  When I was walking through the festivities in the Civic Center so many people, straight looking girls especially, went out of their way to ask to take a picture.  The fact that they asked, was most impressive to me and to see them light up from me being out there representing the South of Market made everything worth it.  The bad make up, the great wig, the designer swimsuit, the trail running dolphin talking yoga body, all of it.  I felt like I was really empowering people by being myself and I hope I encouraged some of them to be more of theirs.  I loved hearing people congratulating me and saying they were happy I won.  I won on a platform of self entitlement, and I am entitled to win races.  Not by  just making my own sash and working SOMA, Civic Center and the Tenderloin like I did on Gay Day, but through my own hard work, training and practice.  I’m dedicating my first marathon to Black Transvestites of Color and the Polynesian Diaspora.  My soundtrack is Black Metal.  I’m prepped and rocking it.


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