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Back to my Sunrise Yoga practice and finding I’m waking up automatically around 4am which means, conversely, that I’m crashing at 10pm no matter where I am.  Driving to class listening to crunchy House Music coming over the radio attended by static because of my distance from the broadcast.  Made sure that I was good to go lift weights after yoga so was in my black leather Nike Air Force hi tops instead of the usual flip flops.  Got to class early and laid out my bengal tiger yoga mat in a nice open spot, surprised at the hairy yoga bear, topless seated in the front of the studio.  Wondering what I had been missing by opting out of Sunrise Yoga to get in my long runs for training.  A yogi crush or two appeared, making me glad I’m single and still have options.  Class got so hot I took my shirt off too and practiced in my Local Motion board shorts.  Felt strong, clean and centered.  Must have detoxed something cos I had to leave class once to take a piss.

More better for me to lift weights at the SOMA Gold’s instead of the Castro where I do my morning practice so I took the clean Contour South of Market.  Nike Structured Training Gloves and my iPhone playing Pandora for a change of pace from my usual Metal playlists. I tuned into an Electronic/Techno radio station.  Did 4 miles in 14 minutes on the recumbent bike and then went into my usual improvisational routine using free weights and worked on core.  I’m loving finishing up my routine by twirling a wooden staff in various warrior stances.  Father Time needs to work on his martial skills in addition to his not too appreciated wizardry.


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