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Today my activity partner and I ran the home stretch of the San Francisco Marathon. I had been planning on doing Golden Gate Bridge drills starting at Battery Chamberlin but forgot about my monthly 9am staff meeting at the shop so I didn’t have enough time to drive us out to the beach and back. Instead of even warning him I knew I could just throw the course change at him and he’d be alright. I got geared up in my Nike DriFit shorts and Adidas tank and rummaging through my shoes spotted my old trusty, but worn out Adidas Kanadia Trail’s in Slime Green/Rave Red. I decided to run in these to see if they had any life in them and to consider if I wanted to start tracking down another pair of this discontinued awesome shoe for trail races after I finish the Marathon.

We were gonna hit mile 23 of the official course at 16th Street at 7th and wiggle Pennsylvania to Mariposa continuing south on Indiana to 22nd. Continuing down Illinois and along the Bay Trail there past Agua Vista. This part of DogPatch I call the “Industrial Wasted Trail.” Across the Third Street Bridge and behind AT&T Park and along the waterfront of the Embarcadero to Folsom Street which is the official finish. Then its just up Folsom Street to home. So cool, the start and finish of the SF Marathon is just down the street from my flat.

As we were running along the Embarcadero I was verbalizing my visualizations of the finish: imagining the crowds cheering knowing when to sprint, explaining to Cameron how I was gonna pick my rivals based on if they were in my age group and of my gender presentation. As I did so I could start to feel the anticipatory rush of the adreniline I would expect to feel on race day. Right now my training has peaked. I mixed up the order of the suggested long runs doing my 20 miler 2 weeks ago and the last long run I will do will be at Harbin up on Bogg’s Mountain scouting for the Bogg’s Mountain Trail Races on 30 October 2010. I’m so glad I’ll be able to complete my training before I taper at Harbin where I can chill and soak in the hot springs. When I get back to the city I’ll only run with Cameron and do the usual cross training that I have been, yoga, weights, recumbent stationary bike. I certainly won’t introduce anything new into my routine as I taper. I don’t want to get fucked up and miss the race!


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