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Time to be fierce.  Got up today to get in weight training and core work out at the SOMA Gold’s in my 7am Saturday morning slot.  Warmed up for 10 minutes on the stationary bike watching the World Cup then went to do a quick and clean routine with free weights and core.  Must have been an effective workout because when I tried to twirl the staff over my head I could barely keep it up.  I had to twirl in the Spinning room because there was that beginner’s yoga class in the studio.  Had to be at work anyway so just did what I could in the time I had in the most effecient way possible.

So I have to get ready for my retreat at Harbin Hot Springs where I will finish my endurance training by doing a long run at Boggs Mountain.  After that I’m all taper and will only do runs with my activity partner, weights and yoga.  Suppose I could spend some time on the recumbent bike if I’m really craving mileage but its important that I taper scientifically and safe.  So looking forward to soaking, and lying about the resort.  Going with EZEvie.  It should be cool.


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