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Went for a run with my activity partner today, just a repeat of the finish of the course for the San Francisco Marathon and just got back from training in the mountains at Harbin.  Today’s run was uninspired, a workout and not the transcendental running experience I’m used to.  It still counts, in fact its probably better that I practiced that run bored and fatigued cos I expect that’s the way I will feel at the end of the race.  My activity partner did famously, starting out a bit too fast so I just chased him, impressed at his speed, but then I coached him to a more sustainable pace and he mellowed out and did the whole 6ish mile run with only stopping at the stoplights.  Around mile 4 I finally got my legs to be responsive rather than sluggish and reluctant like they were at the start and got so into running the Embarcadero and visualizing the finish that my partner had to call me back because I missed Folsom and ended up on Howard.

Disappointed that my GPS didn’t track accurately and spent time having coffee before work figuring out what went wrong.  I upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS4 and thought I had the latest version of RunKeeper Free, but it turns out I hadn’t so that’s why the app crashed my phone.  Fortunately improvements to the website make editng a route performed on roads quite simple to do.  Trails are a different story.  I got almost immediate customer service when I posted my problem on RunKeeper’s facebook page.


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