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Got off early from work yesterday and was able to go and do a 4 o’clock yoga class at the SOMA Gold’s with Michael Hubbard.  A little insurance for missing Warriors Choice Yoga today, which I did because I hung out around the flat watching World Cup and drinking cocktails, cooking and not feeling any overwhelming compulsion or urgency to do anything constructive.  That shit can wait.  Yesterday’s yoga confirmed that I am not an after work workout person.  I felt myself dozing off whenever I was left with my eyes closed and unattended.  The class lacked that spiritual ooziness that I’m seeking in a yoga practice, but the flow was dynamic and hit some spots that needed some work.  I find it is always good to try another instructor as it usually opens me up from the comfort zone of familiar posturing, but I have to say my core yoga instructors rock.

I did manage to get a run in with my activity partner who as of today has graduated to becoming my training partner now that he has established a solid 6 mile base.  I was an hour late for our 9am run because I was constipated, cramped and bloated from the bag of chips and salsa I had for dinner last night cos I was too tired to prepare the roast.  We did the same industrial loop that takes in the last 3 miles of the San Francisco Marathon course and he ran it quite fast.  My GPS failed on me again and I am trying to remedy it now with a reinstall but collating the numbers later, Cameron ran a 10:23 mile pace, so he is getting good.  I’m impressed.

So what’s up now is it is time to taper.  I’m feeling like I need to do a longish run tomorrow so I’m gonna try to get to the beach and back from the Castro Gold’s after Yogayama which I think will be taught by Anita, my Sunrise Yoga instructor now that Ben has had some resolution to exiting yoga instruction altogether.


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