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Missed Yogayama today to grind one out from my front door through Golden Gate Park and back as my last long run before the San Francisco Marathon the Sunday after next.  Working it like a dress rehearsal in my SpeedSuit and red Adidas Marathon 10’s.  Worried a bit about running it absolutely stripped and relying solely on support.  I think my strategy will work out but we’ll see come race day.

Have been having problems with RunKeeper Free tracking my runs on a saved route but have been communicating with the developers and it seems they are getting to the root of the problem.  Checked my run at 16 minutes and it had stopped tracking at 6.  Unlike the other times I was able to relaunch the application and resume tracking.  When I got done with the run the course had corrected itself on the website.  Much improved.

I felt strong but a little hungry.  My legs took care of themselves and I was running pretty much without worry.  I took my only and last remaining gel on Middle Drive West on my way to the Ocean but by the time I was coming back through GGP had to stop at the McDonald’s on Haight and Stanyan for food and finished up my breakfast of a Sausage McMuffin and Hash Brown coming through the Haight Ashbury.  Lower Haight, I know its just a cruise and a kick back to my flat and was falling apart a bit on Market Street but still got this done.

Pretty amazing that I can run a half marathon for breakfast.  Now lets see how I deal with the taper and what I got in the bank come race day.

  • 12 July 2010
  • 8:06 – 10:23am
  • 2:17:09
  • 11.85 miles
  • 11:35 avg. pace
  • 5.18 avg. speed
  • 580 feet climbed
  • 1757 calories burned
  • 154.2 lbs.
  • 580 feet climbed


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