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“I’ll have you up some other time, but right now I have to get ready for work. I lean over to kiss the driver then step out of the gun metal Miata that looks like a little tank and watch it from my front gate as it speeds down my alley, gears shifting.  I call the shop to check in and find my schedule is still open so I do have time to catch a Thursday Noon Warriors Choice Yoga with Josh Camire at the gym and since I’m already well showered I just change into my board shorts and flip flops, still wearing the gold Aloha t-shirt that I was wearing the day before.

In the studio about 10 minutes early and in time to get my spot and compose myself on the Mexican blanket on top of my Bengal Tiger yoga mat and do some flexing and meditation.  The class slowly fills up around me when Josh comes in.  I find that it has been some weeks really that I’ve taken his class and I’m actually really excited because now he composes the core of my yoga instruction with one other.

Flowing in Vinyasa  and always amazed at how non-intrusive his instruction is and come to the realization that if you don’t love your yoga instructor, you are in the wrong class and wasting your time.


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  1. Oh thanks! Really great photos on your site! I see we have board shorts in common! I need some new ones, Vinyasa Flow has made my waist so skinny yoginis behind me are starting to see me crack!

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