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Helluva morning getting ready. The leftover pizza I ate last night messed me up and then the Cytomax in solution that I had left in my CamelBak rotted in the bladder. Spilled some of the putrid solution on my shorts when I was trying to see if the bladder was salvageable (its not) and had to shower again. Managed to pick up my training partner only 1/2 hour later. He’s always cool.
Tapering for the marathon, this week my miles planned are 4, 3, 2 and maybe 2. I knocked out the 4 today on the Bunny Trail, which is above Grey Whale Cove on McNee Ranch State Park on Highway 1 between Pacific and Montara Beach. Devil’s Slide where the new tunnel is going to come through the mountain. Misty, hazy, fog burning up and cool, totally perfect for running. Ran the 4 uphill and down with no water although I used my CamelBak for my iPhone gps tracker and to hold my car keys. Felt winded and sluggish at the start, got into it halfway up and halfway down was slogging it out.
So important that I get enough rest and don’t do something stupid that is gonna cause a DNS, like drinking out of a contaminated sports bottle or tripping over running shoes on the floor ending up in a wall or crunching something on the furniture. Need to be extra wary of clumsiness and hope I’m not accident prone.
Oh btw I was thinking that 4 miles was a walk in the park, but today’s activity kinda kicked my butt. I do feel great now, however.


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