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I got photo-boothed at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza coming to the City from J540’s.  Some panic and anxiety too because my FastTrack never beeped.  Maybe I didn’t slow down enough for it to register, but at the same time the device will sync to my license plate when they check it out.  I never heard of anybody getting a speeding ticket for going through a toll booth and I see people do it all the time.  Its CalTrans and not CHP so maybe its not in their purview to give speeding tickets, only toll violations.  I really can’t afford a speeding ticket right now.

But I made it home in time to change into my shorty, short short gym shorts and because it is cold, my Everlast track jacket and my COACH Ugg boots.  Slim and legs marathon toned I feel like a super model in this get up.  Catwalk through the Gold’s Gym and up to the studio arriving right on time for Sunrise Yoga.

The new instructor’s name is Ben, and although he isn’t as ringing the bell new-agey as I prefer, he puts together a nice practice with a unique flow.  I find that every yoga instructor has a different offering and I appreciate his.  I took class very carefully and made sure that I did the easiest modifications to avoid any sort of over extension or injury as my main goal is to stay fit, healthy and safe for Sunday’s race.  The weather forecast is not going to change.  High is predicted at 61* with 13 mph offshore winds.  Pretty much how it usually is.  I’m sure my SpeedSuit will be enough.  Pretty amazed its coming up.  Now its just up to my training which is complete.


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