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Post Marathon now back in training.  I’m now able to introduce new elements and I’m starting to incorporate weight training using machines for body building at the gymnasia.  I’m also trying to do weight training more consistently and I have been forced to do this because the water heater has been busted in my flat for the past week since I got back from Harbin and I don’t want to feel like a troll going into the gym just to shower and hang out in the steam room.  My water heater should be fixed tomorrow but I’m getting a good routine in using the Star Trac machines.  They have machines for chest, arms and legs as well as a Universal Gym set up and assisted pull up.  Not enough equipment to make a complete work out but enough to get me going and the rest I can fill in with the free weights.  Looking at my schedule I’ve been getting in weight training 2 – 3 times a week and doing a 35 -40 minute circuit.  I’m kind of forgoing Sunrise Yoga in order to do this but I’m cool with that.  I’m looking great in drag with a swimsuit on.


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