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Trying to get my yoga back, but with a change in instructors, maybe its time to start something new.  As I wrote previously, Ben stopped teaching Yogayama altogether and my Sunrise Yoga instructor, Anita has taken over his 7-815am Monday + Wednesday slot for the practice which @suzboop named Yoganita.  The Sunrise Yoga instructor is a new addition to the gym and although his teaching is adequate, I’m not so excited about learning a new instructor at 5:45 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I’m trying to incorporate something new on those early workday slots.  I’m drifting towards aquatics but even more available to me are weight training or morning runs before work.

Well since I’ve only done yoga one more time, getting an unpaid day off and being able to do Warrior’s Choice on Thursday.  Glad I did because I was backstage at the Scorpions concert in Sacramento the night before with @chefjames2 and got to meet the whole band and take photos with them after the show.  It was amazing!  The whole ballpark was filled with guys my age in their 40’s but I was the only one off the stage in full leather.  The rest of the guys were mostly all in cargo shorts, flip flops and band t-shirts.  James thought I looked kind of gay and I admit I do, but I’m metal that way.  @chefjames2 made some sort of comment excusing us for wearing long pants in Sacto heat, but lead guitarist Matthias Jabs pointed at my leathers and said, “I’m a member of that club!” making me feel warm, welcome and validated in Metal!


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