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Today’s run was crappy.  Hung out in the morning waiting for the plumber and turns out he couldn’t fix the water heater.  Had to get something to eat down the street before I headed out to the trail.  An omelette.  Could have been too heavy, but better than cooking and doing dishes in cold water.  Picked up my car and staged for the trail and a shower at the gym.  Decided to do a trail in Pacifica because it is relatively close and I wouldn’t have to deal with bridge tolls.

Pulled into San Pedro Valley County Park just enough to see that I would have to pay a $5 vehicle fee so I parked on the residential street just outside.  Found trail maps and decided to do Hazelnut Trail which looked like it was about 3.7 miles with an 800 foot climb.  Picked up the trail and it was pretty steep switchbacks on a pretty shitty rutted out single track trail.  Started to get hot and took off my first layer then realized I didn’t have any music.  Was struggling with heart rate and breathing and was more run/hiking.  Got stung in the chest by a wasp just minutes after stripping to my tank.  Wasps love to sting me.  Just made a tough miserable run even more miserable.  Trudged along, eventually I got to the ridge where it leveled off and was able to make my way back down to the park entrance.  Not enjoying anything at all about this run and as an appropriate counterpoint, coming out of the park a rat scuttled off into the scraggly overgrown poison oak and blackberries on the side of the trail.  Then I get pulled over by a cop for having a busted tail light.

  • 11 August 2010
  • 2:06 – 3:11pm
  • 1:03:45
  • 3.91 miles
  • 16:19 avg. pace
  • 3.68 mph
  • 556 calories burned
  • 857 ft. climbed


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