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Trail Running Dolphin Talker is my trail running journal.  Runners are supposed to keep track of what they do and because we are runners, we do what we do how and when we want to do it.  We are frequently doing it in pain.  I found that keeping this blog is a training tool has helped me out for the 3 years I’ve been publishing it.  I’m fresh new to WordPress, am liking it, and if you are curious about old TRDT posts you can check them out as an archive on my old blog on my myspace profile.

This blog is my idiosyncratic ramblings, subjective journeys on the trail, experiential description of other cross training regimens and the general ephemera of my life.  Embedded within the body, not the title, of each post are blue text which indicate a hypertext link.  Generally, the first time I mention a trail, the link will take the reader to my map and pace data generated on the GPS unit I use for training,  RunKeeper.  Other times, the link will take you to the subject of whatever I’m obsessing over in the entry.  Blogging is not only my way of coaching myself, staying on track, checking in and remaining focused but also my outlet for digression.

So whats up to the talking to the dolphins, you ask?  When I first seriously got committed to the trail running, the dolphins showed up at the beach and swam along side me.  We got intimate and I got to know most of the pod and I felt they got to know me to.  This really made me an advocate of nature and helped me get my whole life turned around.  Not making any judgements, but I can’t say whether or not that really serves me or not.  So, talking to the dolphins is a euphemism for working out.  Doesn’t that just sound a hell lot better?



  1. I finally have you on my RSS feed.

    • TRDT is supposed to make you feel good and thanks for adding me to your rss feed. I love how automatic everything is becoming.

  2. Yo, Big Bro! It be great to talk to you. Eric is trying to reach you too. Check out your twitter msgs. We miss u. But, now we know that you’ve been busy running. How cool! Love, Lanisa

  3. Love the idea of talking to dolphins as a euphemism for working out, hah. I’ve yet to run with any dolphins, but my dog does accompany me occasionally. Trail running dog whisperer?

      • polynesian69
      • Posted Wednesday 12 May 2010 at 9:25 pm
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      “I run to talk to the dolphins and they find me different every time.” TRDT.

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