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Looking for a long run to put together about 12 miles after Sunrise Yoga and on the way there I thought up a pretty good course.  Woke up feeling kind of retchy with a dry cough, grr, and it has persisted all day.  Even now I kind of feel like shit.  Now my cough was no problem and no bother during the run but as soon as that was over it came back.  I’m almost convinced that I caught an airborne virus watching the Bay to Breakers from the sidewalk on my street.  I got sick from it before.  This feels familiar.

Changed into running gear at the gym, shorts, shirt and a headband.  Drove to Golden Gate Park and parked at the AIDS Memorial Grove.  Did the first part down the trail between Lincoln and MLK turned at Ocean Beach and ran down the Promenade at Ocean Beach up and past the Cliff House.  Stopped to take a piss in a port o’ pissoir at the parking lot for the Coastal Trail/Lands End Trail and then took that trail happy to be back on some real bonafide trail instead of that short snatch of sidewalk.  Really cruising and not even feeling any cough.  Meant to go the back way up to the Palace of the Legion of Honor but somehow missed the turnoff and ended up running through the golf links, which was meant to be because I saw a coyote on it.  Nice to be hitting some hills and learning to be a climber.  Circled the fountain at the Legion of Honor and ran up to the locked gate of the Palace and knelt down and gave Rodin’s “Thinker” a pose, much to the amusement of the groundskeepers there.  Then I continue to cruise on down to Clement.

Clement Street leveling out flat to a bit downhill grade and just a 8 block jog or so to 25th Avenue which is part of the course for the Marathon. 25th Avenue begins with an ascent and then is a downer to the park.  Confused by the absence of a marked trail on the northbound side, crossed over with the flow of traffic and picked up the bridle trail there.  Soon I’m back on JFK and I see a sign for Stow Lake, and my intent was to circle it, but I emerged on Hagiwara Tea Garden Lane next to the Japanese Tea Garden where I started out.  Still feeling strong and feeling a bit short of the 12 miler I thought to cruise down Haight and up Buena Vista Park to circle back on Waller.  I did so, taking the route through the Children’s Playground, circling the carousel and stomping on some new play structures there that have replaced the ones that I played upon as a child.

Through Haight was smooth and cruise as it was still early for the shops to be open so not much street traffic, just people waiting for busses.  Crossed over and started climbing the peak that Buena Vista Park sits upon, and that shit ain’t no joke.  At its apex, totally turned around, didn’t know how I was looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, but came down and hit Waller.  All the way down the back of the Haight Ashbury, crossing over at Kezar, crossing Lincoln finding another entrance of the AIDS Memorial Grove and its a sprint to the Contour waiting.

Felt amazing and strong, figured I just about did a half marathon for breakfast.  As soon as I got home, that shitty feeling and cough started coming back.  By the time I got to work and at work felt like utter crap.  Made it through the day, came home made hot toddies and slept the next day until my Feng Shui alarm chimed with just 45 minutes to make it to a dentist’s appointment.

  • 18 May 2010
  • 7:37 – 9:56am
  • 2:16:29
  • 11.61 miles
  • 11:45 avg. pace
  • 5.10 avg. speed
  • 862 feet climbed
  • 1514 calories burned