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Recent weeks, 3 now really, have been characterized by low spirits and a struggle with angst and ennui.  Today I’m feeling the crest of it, or am I feeling the depths of these lows?  Not sure really and don’t know if I’m working through it or succumbing to it.  Depression is nothing new to me and the serrated edge of angst only cuts me with superficial perforations, leaving some wounds to seep and most skin intact, therefore I can put on appearances…  A bit of pain and the roller coaster of anxiety, an ill ride in a bemusement park, creepily clinging and preventing me from getting out.  There is no escape, the gates are closing.  Finding shelter in a run down haunted house because that is the least scariest place to spend the night.

Muscling through in the gym and for a change being able to go there for more than just a shower.  Incorporating a routine with machines and am getting some results.  The Black Metal pumping in my ears always gets me up as does the physical exertion, too bad the feeling doesn’t last and once I’m back in my flat I’m just as desultory as before.

Having a training partner does help.  It gets me out of my doldrums because I feel responsible for coaching this athlete.  I know that I learn more from teaching and I am altruistic by nature so this does feed my spirit.  Interesting to see my athlete outpacing me, must be the sign of a good coach.  Still it was difficult to keep up with feet sore  stomping around the South of Market Friday night in  high heels and drag and then the next night in the Mission in cruelly fitting motorcycle boots and full leather.

Warriors Choice Yoga on Sunday made the choice to not go because the class is being subbed. This promulgated fears of Naked Yoga For Men being subbed and so I decided not to go altogether.  On the phone with J54o and he mentions the shit I’m going through at work which I had completely forgotten about over the weekend flaring up a whole new round of frustration and anger.

But then a friend comes to the rescue and invites me to go see the Michael Schenker Group in Santa Clara later that evening.  I pick up @chefjames2 in the Contour and we drive out.  We’re not on the guest list but he soon takes care of that.  I’m watching the Legend Himself on his Flying V and there is absolutely no question about his virtuosity.  Furthermore, psychedelic and rock legend Carmine Appice is on the drums and I take a stand behind the sound board to immerse myself in his playing and to get learned.  After the gig we get backstage and I meet the whole band except for Michael because he’s artistic, moody and a Capricorn like myself and I completely understand.  Its been rough on SeaGoats ever since the eclipse in our sign when the shit started coming down.  Too dark for a picture on my iPhone with the band backstage having beers but I’m blown away by sharing their presence nevertheless.

To torn by too many plans and the best thing is to just unravel the strands and do what offers the least resistance.  In bed until 12noon cancel this, at 1 that possibility of going to Lady Ga Ga gets cancelled then I’m about done with my coffee and pick a trail to get something in that I’m trepidatious about feeling I can do.

Decided to do a loop in the Presidio starting on Lovers’ Lane.  Really had to settle down and relax in the Contour before I even hit the trail due to the utter lack of motivation that I am feeling.  Still I was at the trailhead and after settling down got myself good to go.  New playlist, ~AXIOM OF NORDIC BLACK METAL~ loaded in my Shuffle and the succor of Metal rushes in to soothe my soul.  My romantic heart so easily crushed and disappointed. My expectations so high my valor the mirror face of gullibility.  My legs trained and smarter than my brain glad for whatever intuition gave them reprieve of a downhill start and soon finding my pace and heart rate as I cruise the familiar trails of the Presidio with all of the intentions of a masochist expecting penance from tough enduring.

  • 16 August 2010
  • 3:35 – 4:59pm
  • 1:24:31
  • 12:10 avg. pace
  • 4.93 avg. speed
  • 850 feet climbed
  • 979 calories burned


Hot surf daddy in slick black neoprene, wet and stripping out of it in the flatbed of his truck.  Wetsuit peeled to white torso, broad shouldered, sculpted chest, narrow waist and a flared out bubble booty with powerful thighs still clad in fulgin rubber.  A mangy raven, cold and wet from spray.  And me existing thinking I need to work out harder.

Did the Great Highway with Cameron, got him way down in the mid 9’s.  I’m feeling great too because after a shitty recovery and unexpected drama I’m recovering from not only a Marathon but also depression and shorted expectations.  Its all good, and I’m coming back.  Plotting out a taper up and happy to be back on trail.

Had a leisurely call so followed up the trail run with a machine session at the gymnasia.  Trying to figure out a good circuit and hit an excellent upper body one today using Star Trac and TechnoGym machines.  Had to round it out with free weights and finished up with core and twirling the staff.  If I want to look like a hot trail daddy I’m gonna need to work it extra hard.

Post Marathon now back in training.  I’m now able to introduce new elements and I’m starting to incorporate weight training using machines for body building at the gymnasia.  I’m also trying to do weight training more consistently and I have been forced to do this because the water heater has been busted in my flat for the past week since I got back from Harbin and I don’t want to feel like a troll going into the gym just to shower and hang out in the steam room.  My water heater should be fixed tomorrow but I’m getting a good routine in using the Star Trac machines.  They have machines for chest, arms and legs as well as a Universal Gym set up and assisted pull up.  Not enough equipment to make a complete work out but enough to get me going and the rest I can fill in with the free weights.  Looking at my schedule I’ve been getting in weight training 2 – 3 times a week and doing a 35 -40 minute circuit.  I’m kind of forgoing Sunrise Yoga in order to do this but I’m cool with that.  I’m looking great in drag with a swimsuit on.

Training all day today during a taper for a marathon that is just 4 days away and I’m trying not to do anything stoopid or get hurt.  But I failed at that in at least every activity today.  In 7am yoga, after the class a yogi tried to help me with my headstand.  I already knew what I did wrong and tried to demonstrate the wrong way.  Got a tweak in the neck.  Go on a short 2.75 mile run with my training partner, stumble over a rock but recover before I fall downhill.  Came home warmed up some leftover meatloaf and took a nap, that went off without a hitch.  Went to the gym to lift weights and twirl the staff but kicked the punching bag and that kind of tweaked my foot and leg.  I hope I’m working out any sort of accident prone clumsiness in advance so I can have a clean slate.  All I have left to do today is get a massage @forbodyandmind and then J540 is making me dinner.

Active rest, what’s active rest? When one is tapering for a first marathon it means maintaining fitness whilst staying active and avoiding the long distance runs done in training.  It also means getting enough rest, fluids and nutrition.  Taking care of the body and reducing the stress.  Letting shit slide but still focusing on goal.  Knowing you got money in the bank while you are living overdrawn and on credit. Overextended but still knowing you can walk that fine line and a paycheck is in the mail.

Alarm chimes for 7am Yoga: The Practice formerly known as Yogayama.  Anita, my Sunrise Yoga instructor is on trial and taking that slot, but it may be first day jitters and I feel the class is rushed.  I know @suzboop well enough to know that she is not impressed and I’m openly hoping that Anita goes back to the Tuesday, Thursday 5:45am slot where she has her regulars.

Go home, decompress and wash cups.  Not much doing as I got an activity date with J54o at noon so rather than try to rearrange my whole life I think its much better to just relax and have some brunkfast and another cup of coffee.

Shower and change into a skinny pair of Levi’s and the tie dyed t-shirt I got out the hamper.  I already wore it to yoga this morning but I’m still feeling that vibration.  Clean pair of tube socks and Adidas Daroga’s with an open mesh.  Text J54o to let him know that I’m coming and arrive in Montclair up in Valley View to see that little gun metal Miata that looks like a drone tank parked in the driveway opposite and am fairly certain that it is the ride that we are going to take on trail.

J54o already has a lunch spread out on the table, but he had made cupcakes and I eat 2 and have some OJ and I’m really excited to get going to the volcano.

Leave my bag with my shell and go back to leave my wallet and keys.  We hop into the little gun metal tank and cruise down Valley View then up Taurus to Skyline taking the local and residential ways through the Oakland Hills.

J540 takes a wrong turn on Skyline and starts going down the hill.  He already admits that he has a problem with proprioception, as do I and I’m more amused than concerned at that as he course corrects and takes us up the hill towards the Regional Park.

I’m starting to realize that I’m so brilliant for scheduling a hike on a volcano at 12 noon.

We pull into the parking lot at the park and proceed to do a very nice hike.  J54o serves as interpreter for the self guided tour and I get to geek out over memorizing trail heads as I am wont to do.

The 1.5 hour 3.5 mile hike affords us plenty of time for me to talk about my training and for me to ask him about his breathing/rebirthing workshop.  Healing the Father Wound.

J540 asks me if I can fly and I tell him yes and relate a number of out of body experiences.  For some reason, at this time my GPS on my iPhone decides to teleport our track to Briones Regional Park and so we flew 13 miles just then with only my technology accounting for it.

He asks me if I believe in guides and I say yes.  What are guides to him? Spirits from his past.  What are guides to me? Multidimensional selves in the just so future beckoning.  He understands where I’m coming from.  Point scored J540.

Really enjoying Sibley Volcanic and our track comes around to an end.  He offers that he’d be happy to run track like this, and I’m like I’d run this track with you, but really its a beginner’s track, a 3.5 mile loop.  Because of his problems with proprioception when we get to a shaded rooty single track rut, he’s all I couldn’t do this and I’m looking at it as tastey.

Cue the dolphin talking about how he has specialized in technical downhill running and no one could catch him in that pocket, however the better climbers finished before and that why this season he is focusing on climbing…

I take a piss, J54o goes and picks up the little tank, swings around and picks me up.

Taking the back way down Skyline to Valley View, he parks in his driveway next to the Contour and we go in and he makes us lunch.  I decline another cupcake.

I read his Gay Tarot and make the disclaimer that this deck doesn’t have a history of interpretation but I am pretty intuitive so I give the suggested read according to the pamphlet included.  He hits 3 Arcana out of 5 cards.  I always pull the spooky cards, but they are always beneficial portents when I pull them that way.

Lunch is good.  I suggest we go cuddle.

J540 has to go pick up his girlfriend at the airport.  He’s got her cupcakes.  I suggest that he brings her a bottle of water because people are always thirsty when they get off the plane.  He has a cold one in the fridge.  He goes to the airport, I go to the gym to lift weights.

Have a good workout, but its rush hour.  I warm up for 13 minutes doing 3 miles on the recumbent bike then move it into the studio where I lay a Mexican blanket over a 3 lift Reebok step and work it like a bench and focus hard on the core.  Then I twist it out with the staff, not twirling it because I can already tell that my martial workout is taking place in some step class regular’s regular spot.

  • 19 July 2010
  • 12:39am – 2:28pm
  • 1:40:58
  • 3.44 miles
  • 29:19 avg. pace
  • 2.05 avg. speed
  • 467 ft. climbed
  • 450 calories burned

Got up for my quick workout in my Saturday Morning Slot.  SOMA Gold’s opens up at 7am and I have to be at the shop at 9 so 10-15 minutes on the recumbent bike and 30-40 minutes with the free weights and core seem to do the trick.  Also I’ve started twirling the staff, getting Father Time prepared for the year’s transition when the situation in the tavern or on the street devolves to a point where martial skills play better in closer quarters than wizardly ones.  Today was 2 miles in 10 minutes on the recmubent bike and 35 minutes weights, core and staff.

I’m tapering for the San Francisco Marathon now, so all I need do is maintain my fitness level and stay healthy until race day 2 Sundays away.

Time to be fierce.  Got up today to get in weight training and core work out at the SOMA Gold’s in my 7am Saturday morning slot.  Warmed up for 10 minutes on the stationary bike watching the World Cup then went to do a quick and clean routine with free weights and core.  Must have been an effective workout because when I tried to twirl the staff over my head I could barely keep it up.  I had to twirl in the Spinning room because there was that beginner’s yoga class in the studio.  Had to be at work anyway so just did what I could in the time I had in the most effecient way possible.

So I have to get ready for my retreat at Harbin Hot Springs where I will finish my endurance training by doing a long run at Boggs Mountain.  After that I’m all taper and will only do runs with my activity partner, weights and yoga.  Suppose I could spend some time on the recumbent bike if I’m really craving mileage but its important that I taper scientifically and safe.  So looking forward to soaking, and lying about the resort.  Going with EZEvie.  It should be cool.

A Pride to remember, moreover, recall.  I had been sitting on this grey Calvin Klein one piece swimsuit since XMAS and was fortunate enough to be training in such a way that my body could fit in it 6 months later.  I celebrated as Mz. SOMA 2010 and did my annual stride parade in drag down to the first leather bar close to my house.  In previous years it had been Hole in the Wall, but now the closest leather bar is Chaps II.  There is nothing more compelling to me than seeing the transformation on an acquaintances face when they penetrate my transvestite incognito.

Surprised at my commitment to my marathon training and all things Pride related I trained through Pride weekend and even added some shit.  Thursday did moderately long 9 mile run and came in fast just under 10 minute mile pace while exploring the Bayview and the finish of the SF Marathon.  I could really see the effects of working with the gels and sports drink but also the effects of a 2x energy.  Need to stay away from that crack in a sack.  Friday a run with my activity partner, finishing up our 5 mile course through Golden Gate Park and then weight training in my Saturday morning slot.  An unexpected visit by family, an emotional crisis and training related breakdown that was prevented from going full blown by a screwdriver and a pep talk, party, party ,party, waking up in the Oakland Hills on Sunday, Pride and a full booked schedule throughout the week.  I even survived it to Monday to do Yogayama at 7am.

So on Tuesday I got my long run in realizing I’m just a month out from the race and soon I’ll begin to taper and my workload will diminish.  I did 15.68 miles working 16th Street in reverse on my way to Golden Gate Park to do the loop there.  Gave me alot of time to think about how far I’ve come and how much I learned, moreover how much I love trails!  I thought about why I do drag, even though, quite honestly its a mess and it is painful.  When I was walking through the festivities in the Civic Center so many people, straight looking girls especially, went out of their way to ask to take a picture.  The fact that they asked, was most impressive to me and to see them light up from me being out there representing the South of Market made everything worth it.  The bad make up, the great wig, the designer swimsuit, the trail running dolphin talking yoga body, all of it.  I felt like I was really empowering people by being myself and I hope I encouraged some of them to be more of theirs.  I loved hearing people congratulating me and saying they were happy I won.  I won on a platform of self entitlement, and I am entitled to win races.  Not by  just making my own sash and working SOMA, Civic Center and the Tenderloin like I did on Gay Day, but through my own hard work, training and practice.  I’m dedicating my first marathon to Black Transvestites of Color and the Polynesian Diaspora.  My soundtrack is Black Metal.  I’m prepped and rocking it.

Slept in and missed Sunrise Yoga this morning but compensated for it by going to the gym to do weights.  Started out cycling 3 miles on a random setting on the recumbent bike for 13 minutes then followed up with my improvisational free weight barbell routine.  Went into the studio to twist out my core with a staff for 5 minutes and then got into it and did some twirls, blocks and stances.  I think I’d like to start working with weapons.  As I was leaving the gym I saw a sign up for a free boot camp session at 6:30am next Thursday, so I signed up to do it and possibly learn a little bit more from the trainer. Today’s work out  13 minutes cardio and 37 minutes weight training/core.

Went to the gym to lift weights before work.  Made my coffee and was out the door in my usual outfit: black coach shorts and black wife beater, Nike Structured training gloves.  Warmed up with 2 miles in 9 minutes on the recumbent bike before doing my usual free weight routine.  A little more emphasis on the core today.

I’m having a hard time working in weight training in my marathon training regimen, but this Saturday morning slot before work seems quite doable.