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Hot surf daddy in slick black neoprene, wet and stripping out of it in the flatbed of his truck.  Wetsuit peeled to white torso, broad shouldered, sculpted chest, narrow waist and a flared out bubble booty with powerful thighs still clad in fulgin rubber.  A mangy raven, cold and wet from spray.  And me existing thinking I need to work out harder.

Did the Great Highway with Cameron, got him way down in the mid 9’s.  I’m feeling great too because after a shitty recovery and unexpected drama I’m recovering from not only a Marathon but also depression and shorted expectations.  Its all good, and I’m coming back.  Plotting out a taper up and happy to be back on trail.

Had a leisurely call so followed up the trail run with a machine session at the gymnasia.  Trying to figure out a good circuit and hit an excellent upper body one today using Star Trac and TechnoGym machines.  Had to round it out with free weights and finished up with core and twirling the staff.  If I want to look like a hot trail daddy I’m gonna need to work it extra hard.


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