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Monthly Archives: May 2009

I was able to sneak away to Performance Bicycle to get an innertube for my little bike and squeeze in a workout at the Rec Center.  I left from work and did it in my jeans and combat boots, Cal t-shirt. Just a couple of guys were in the weight room, and the fluorescent overhead tubes had blown out in half the room.


  • BP 5×10
  • DP 4×10
  • IP 3×8
  • BR 3×8
  • UR 3×8
  • BC 4×8
  • OP 3×6 (some failure)

Interestingly, the two guys in the weight room started talking about dread maintenance.  I’m on the cutting edge in my field getting the real street tip on ethnic men’s haircare.  Fo’ Real!


I finally hit my pace today.  Today I continued the review of my previous  trails and completed the Great Highway at a 9:56 minute per mile pace.  The course is just over a 4 mile loop.  I didn’t have to stop for nothing, not to take a piss, take a shit or even recover.   Even though that calf is still resistant and suffering the strain, it didn’t stop me.   Coming towards the finish with ENSLAVED on as my battle music I even finished at a sprint.   Noticed a little soreness in the inside of the left ankle, perhaps from overcompensation.

Only need to complete the Bunny Trail to finish this review.  I’m glad that I’m getting stronger.  Cross training and recovery time with active rest I know does help.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to hit the Bunny Trail until at least Monday. I have early morning meetings tomorrow, am attending Wordcamp on Saturday and have my Docent training on Sunday.  I’ll have to see how I can squeeze in at least a weight training session and get my flat fixed on my bike.

I have a new electronic trail running guru who blogs from Sweden.  His name is Fredrik Ölmqvist and he lives in Göteborg.  A free lance journalist, he is also a trail runner and reading his blog he talks about some of the things I’m working on:  running free, nutrition and avoiding added sugar.  His last post was about green smoothies, so I went to Rainbow to pick up some green powder supplement, incense and some unscented Castille soap.  It was coupon day and it was a scene.  There were cars down 13th street waiting to get into the parking lot.  I had to park in front of Glama-Rama! which was cool because I stopped by and said hi to Leigh when I got back.  I ended up purchasing Super-Green Pro-96 Soy Protein Powder.  Selling point, Hawaiian Spirulina, Kelp and no added sugar.  I actually was in the long line with a product called Fruiteen, spirulina and concentrated fruit extracts and grassy compounds, but finally after deciphering the label found that fructose was its second ingredient and the product actually contained 9 grams of sugar per serving.  Just what I’m trying to avoid.  I ended up making this green smoothie concoction:  Pro-96, unsweetened almond flavored soy milk, plain yogurt, a ripe mango, raw carob, unsweetened shredded coconut, a tsp of Mexican vanilla and 3 cubes of ice.  Verdict:  Tasty!  I’m getting my green on the go and know that I definitely need this for recovery.

I’m trying to roast a chicken for lunch right now and I’m running out of time.  Feeling good but  I still have plenty of insanity that I can’t seem to deal with.  I think that, am hoping that, when the retrograde Mercury influence dissipates I’ll have the focus to manifest my intentions.

I kissed a boy last night and I liked it.  Yesterday, the Supreme Court of California handed down the decision to confirm Proposition 8, a successful voter initiative that bans marriage between two adults of the same gender in the state of California.  I was feeling trepidatious and tense in the morning before going to work yesterday, and shortly thereafter I heard that Prop 8 was upheld.  Rather than demonstrating, marching, or going to the rally to protest the CASC decision, I decided to go to Daddy’s and look for a man to NOT marry.  Success!  I met Sg.

The decision had me sad, emotional and despondent.  I knew it’d be best to connect with men, a glass of Vodka and just be surrounded and insulated in a queer neighborhood because of the horrific alienation I feel at being legislatively discriminated against.  I found a good spot in the corner at the end of the bar behind the video poker machine and was talking to a drunken old queen about his love of Opera and how he purchases standing room only tickets.  I’m going to have to do that.  He was obnoxious, but I love old queens because I am completely starting to resemble that description!  Started talking to a guy named Felix opposite me, and then this dude comes in between us and orders a Hefeweizen.  This dude immediately caught my attention.

He was about my height, dressed casually in a light colored button up shirt, grey hoodie and jeans.  He had a workout backpack that he stowed under the table of the video poker game.  I noticed a foreign denomination in his wallet and detected a trace accent.  He asked me to watch his bag for me cos I guess he had to take a piss.  He came back and positioned himself directly in front of Felix, which I didn’t mind at all.

I tried to carry on a conversation with both of the men, but Sg. really dominated my attention.  Eventually Felix just left.  I asked Sg. where he was from and he told me Russia.  I then tried to convince him that I was  Russian due to my love of Vodka.  He wasn’t really buying it, but he did buy us shots.  The first shot was warm from the bottle so after more conversation, Hefe, and my cocktail of choice, we did chilled ones.  We spoke openly about lots of different shit, and Sg. scored major points with me by being able to ask me hard questions which I had no trouble answering honestly.  One thing I really admire in a man is his desire to know me and ask me things because really, I don’t reveal much about myself and I like to be known.  I’m reserved with men maybe because I  don’t like grandstanding myself or telling pitiful stories.  One thing I don’t want is someone’s sympathy, that really makes me feel uncomfortable.  Fortunately Sg. wasn’t treacly sympathetic, just understanding and a good listener.  Like I said, kudos.

But talking to him, and looking at his beautiful eyes, rapid moving lips (he’s a talker) I just had to lean in for one.  He kissed back, softly but like a man. I closed my eyes and had the rush.  Really, his kiss swept me away and when we pulled back from each other I could see in his eyes he had the rush too.  We were both like wow, which led to more kissing.  Oh yeah.  He can make out!

So he told me his name, and I got out my phone so he could put his number in it.  Really impressed that he entered his last name as well.  I guess we made out and talked at the bar for at least 3-4 hours because I was updating my status on facebook the moment he started talking to me.  I tried to go home with him cos I’m a slut I guess!  but dudes gots to give it a try to show that we are interested.  I stood down and watched him get on the 24 Divisadero Southbound.

Surprised that when I got home a text from him was waiting for me.  Like me, he has a limit of 200 texts and he asked me if I do IM and I gave him my Yahoo ID.  Pleased to see that he sent me a friend request and my Yahoo is open right now as I publish.  I hope to meet him down at the Wharf on Sunday for some calamari and beer, but we’ll see how it goes.  I’m definitely not calling him until tomorrow.

So I wake up on the couch and it all comes back to me.  I’ve been smiling all day.  Got up and ran the Eagle Point Lands End Trail to Sutro Park at about 7:49.  Still groggy and Vodka headed, I don’t even recall if I took a shower, but did have the coffee and deleted most of my drunken facebook status updates that I posted after I got home.  Had a pretty good run.  I can really feel the strength in my quads and hams because I have a definite kick and I notice that legs want to run, but my bitch in my calf is holding me down.  It was cold and foggy out there.  Not what I geared up for when I left, but survived it all nevertheless.  2 down, 2 to go on this trail review.

I really wanted to see if the dolphins were down at Baker Beach, but they weren’t.  Had a nice walk along the beach although it was cold.  Driving back home I was craving bacon and fortunately I had the foresight to include my wallet with my gear.  I stopped at Safeway and just couldn’t get myself to buy the bacon because of the added sugar.  I settled on some mild Italian sausage instead.  Sugar-free.

I boiled off the sausages while I was in the shower and they fried up as I dried off.  Fried the last of Joan’s home grown eggs and some whole wheat tortillas.  I wanted to eat before I went to the weight room at the rec center because last time there I bonked.  Couldn’t really sit down to eat, but ate standing up at the stove, at the computer and as I watered the plants.  Went down to the rec center and it wasn’t really crowded in the weight room but the basketball court reeked of stank young men.  And that’s not a complaint!  Wanted to go a little easy today cause I could still feel the tension from the workout on Monday:

  • IP 3×8
  • Seated Overhead Press (SOP) 3×8
  • UR 3×8
  • BC 4X10 (pumped!)
  • DP 3×8
  • BP 4×10

I forgot to do Bentover Rows.

After the workout I went to work to drop off a check for my Scissor Pimp.  I dropped my shears yesterday and the blades went whack.  I walked up and got some Boric Acid to try and control this cockroach infestation, stopped at Ross and tried on some Prada and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses which fortunately didn’t fit.  Came home and turned on my Yahoo.  How was your day?

Saturday morning I woke up at 6am and new I could just push it to make it to the trail and then make it to work for my first client at 9.  I was so eager to finish the Bunny Trail because it was kicking my ass.  Saturday was no different, the Bunny Trail kicked my ass rather hard.

I was under a time pressure, but still had to fill the air pressure in my front tires.  Pacifica was windy and fogged in, as was McNee Ranch State Park.  I have been suffering with that bitch of a recurrent injury, the calf strain, and today it was feeling itself felt.  An overuse injury for sure because the hillwork on this trail is intense even though the mileage is the same as the Great Highway.  Pretty much straight onto the trail it was acting up, and I tried to run through it.  I also couldn’t develop a good rythm with breath or pace.  I was pretty gassed.  I kept stopping.  I’m pretty sure that I walked halfway up the trail.  My graph on my RunKeeper map pretty much explains it all.  What a great tool for brutally honest objective data.

I almost gave up, a number of times.  Perhaps about a quarter of a mile from the summit (not the real one on Montara Mountain, just the one I’m running to) I came across the bloated carcass of a snake that had obviously become a victim of the Pampas Grass eradication effort.  Ominously, thats how I felt.  On the verge of eradication, bloated, poisoned and spent in the middle of the trail.  The serpent’s situation was by far more serious than mine.  The snake had been either sprayed directly with Round-Up! or had slithered through the grass’ foliage.  The serpent had been dyed blue with the tint that they add to the poison to mark a poisoned plant.  His corpse was blue and bloated with the gases of decomposition, and poisoned ants, unlucky enough to have attempted to help biodegrade this reptile were staggering away from the body.  The snake crawled into the middle of the trail to die.  So fucken sad.  I can’t identify the species, but will give it a try and also forward an account and a photograph of the poisoned snake to the proper authorities at the California Park Service.

I looked around at all the Pampass Grass tagged blue with poison and all around me the mountain took on an ominous poisonous aspect.  It made me wonder if my fatigue and low energy had anything to do with running while they were spraying yesterday.  It probably did do, in any event I reached the summit and staggered down the trail, completing this circuit on Montara mountain and looking forward to my next routine.

Sunday was an active rest day and involved learning the choreography for Jordan La Moore’s drag number at Trannyshack’s Madonna Tribute Night.  Went over at 9am and he made me and Marilyn breakfast burritos.  We learned the routine to Burning Up, and I got to be faggy Christopher Ciccone from the video.  Jordan bought our costumes, black tights, leg warmers and a longsleeve fishnet top.  All black.  Hot!  We practiced the choreography for 2 hours and we made it look just like the video.  I actually did feel my calf strain loosening up as we practiced the dance moves.  Overuse injury for sure because I haven’t been cross training as much as I should do cos I’m a little addicted to the trail right now and my bike still has a flat. Afterward practice I dropped Marilyn off at her mansion in the Castro (she lodges in the upstairs servant’s quarters) then went to work because I forgot my wallet there last night.

My barber was there and he was available in an hour so I walked up to Chinatown to get some Chinese shoes.  I stopped at some boutiques along the way, shit is on sale and it is in fashion but this twitch is still on a budget.  Budget minded, I declined on the Kung-Fu shoes because they were $6.99 and I thought they were $3.99.  Stopped in at American Apparel to see if they had a black mesh or fishnet tanktop, they didn’t, and loved the neon one piece bathing suits and the short shorts for men, lined.  I was almost so tempted to buy a black simulated leather (looks like matte satin) hoodie for $60 to the point where I got it to the checkout counter and just left it there.  H&M didn’t have any 80’s appropriate accessories, but there was a menswear designer liquidation at the old CompUSA building at Grant and Market and I scored a long sleeve black button up shirt from Emilio Ungaro for $19.99.  I did get to indulge myself a little.  Fashion is my domain.  Filipino caluculation:  that shirt was retail $80, so I just saved $60, now I can go back and buy that black hoodie!

Got to the shop and got hooked up.  Shave and a haircut looking fresh pressed for the show.  Got a burrito from the Taco Truck on Harrison, ate it took a disco nap woke up and accessorized for the show.  I also took a Grenado along in a to-go cup for the walk down to the club.

I couldn’t really remember the choreography, but worked it out with Jordan and Marilyn in the alley behind the Cat Club.  Walking up to the club, there was a line literally down the block and was so glad I was performing, on the guest list and in like a breeze.  The floor in front of the stage was packed, and I had to squirm my way backstage, saying hi to familiar faces along the way.  Impressed I remembered everyone’s name, as I have a certain social anxiety disorder that makes me panic and forget the names of casual acquaintances.  Got backstage, worked out the number in the alley which was full of drag Madonnas and their back up dancers of course our clique looking fierce hot in an alley just like dragqueens should do.  Was so happy I’m working out now because I felt trim in my jazzercize outfit.  Squirmed my way back to the bar again to retrieve a drink and squirmed my way back without spilling the cocktail.

Hit the stage 4th in the line-up and it was over remarkably fast.  I remembered all the steps, and the stage was so small, I had to improvise somewhat to keep from falling into the wings.  So great to be onstage with a crowd and to be doing a number not in drag and not having to shave off my beard.  Congratulations all around then back to the bar for one more Vodka Soda.  Ran into Cip who was posing for a photograph and just had to jump in there and do one with him.  Saw the proof.  Hot.

I decided it would be best to hit ChapsII to wind down and feature my outfit in a leather bar.  A cop I dated, Dick, in my teens was outside doing security for the straight club next door and I was so happy to see him and he gave me his card.  I have to have coffee with Dick and catch up with him.  Live a long life and its cool to see people who know you from ages past. Ran into Tim and James C. outside the club and convinced them to come across the street with me for a drink at Chaps.  I introduced them to Dick on the way over.  Got drinks, some dweeb came in complaining about his boyfriend.  I’m not sympathetic because I don’t have one, but he offered to buy me a shot if I could convince the bartender to show the dweeb his cock, which I did, and had a Jagermeister.

Jordan joined us and I don’t remember clearly if I had another cocktail before I left but I did arrange to go and see Terminator with Tim today.  Got home stripped and fell asleep right on the couch.  There is jazz dancer drag on my living room floor right now.

Woke up this morning on the couch and ready to fulfill my commitment to the trail.  I seem to like to work in fours:  4 times the particular trail I’m running, then 4 times the next one.  I just completed 4 different trails 4 times each, so now what I’m doing is revisiting and running those trails for review.  Today was Presidio Golf Course to Immigration Point .  The sequence will continue with the 3 remaining trails:  Eagles Point to Sutro Park, Great Highway and the Bunny Trail.  After ramping up like this I’m going to reward (smirk) myself with a long run in Golden Gate Park, California Academy of Sciences to Ocean Beach and Back.

Today’s run was good.  Nagging calf strain present, but not debilitating.  Slow pace a little, but that’s cool.  I followed up the short run with a session in the weight room at the rec center.  Worked out for a half hour, got burnt out towards the end.  Routine:

  • IP 4×10
  • Over Head Curls (OC) 4×8
  • BP 4×10 (experienced some failure)
  • DP 4×6 (experienced some failure)
  • UR 4×8
  • BC 4×8
  • OP (experienced major failure)

So with 9 minutes to go and a very watery dregs of a Vodka Soda, I’ll publish, jump in the shower and go watch John Connor go and try to save humankind from Skynet.

I love my life!

Took 2 days of rest because the first day was scheduled, and the next day I stayed up too late to get up early enough but I was kind of torn up and hurt in several different places.  It was a knee, hip combination.  Kind of strange, the knee, I don’t know how that happened.  I must have bumped into something drunk.  So was in pain on the active rest day, and the next day it didn’t seem safe.  However, today I did get up and run the Bunny Trail even though I did party with Muthachucka last night at Daddy’s and got a ride home with some visitors that I met at the bar.

It takes me so long to get out of the house in the morning.  I got up automatically at 6:20 relieved that I could still hit the trail.  Needed shower.  Needed coffee.  Needed to leave, and was out of the door a good while after 7 and started the trail exactly at 8.  Fogged in today.  Linda Mar was unusually sunny.  I realize that it has something to do with the wind and the way Pacifica is a valley.  McNee Ranch State Park was just as foggy as the City.  Nice insular blanket.  When its foggy like that it means that its not windy, so the windchill factor is cut down, there’s no glare and its really pleasant.  Up the trail I was surprised to see a little extra power in my legs, however, that bitch recurrent left calf made her presence known, but she didn’t complain to much or hinder my run.  I wouldn’t let that bitch interfere today.  No way.  I only had to stop a few times going up the trail to piss or drink, but really felt like today I could have taken it non-stop.  I did notice that I had a little trouble with my breathing.  I actually noticed it in the car, that I wasn’t taking strong breaths.  I suspect it may have something to do with my steroid inhalant, however, I got that under control, passed a dog walker with an old chocolate lab bitch and achieved the summit.

Coming back down the mountain, I noticed the tell tale signs of the poisoned Pampas Grass.  A green, sooty marking sprayed at the base of the foliage and on the emerging fronds of the young plants.  Wondered if it would affect any of the plants growing around it and how hazardous the poison is to the bunnies, dogs and trail runners taking a piss on the side.  Yesterday I should have asked what the chemical compound is, but if I run into another official I’ll be sure to.

I hit the zone coming down the hill, and my new JVC Studio Monitor Headphones rock.  It was so annoying with those busted Son¥ earbuds, painful in my ears.  The JVC is comfy, the pads insulate my ears and it will be much better for canceling out the noisy ghetto blaster in the Rec Center.  It was a good run, and I’m getting in good shape.

I only have to run this trail once more, either tomorrow or Sunday before dance rehearsal with Jordan La Moore then I’m done.  I would have completed 4 circuits and the next plan is to run them again in sequence and do an epic run the 5th time and then find a 5ish mile trail to run.

Was pushing it cos I got up a little late, but knew I didn’t have a client first thing so decided to run it as a drill.  Still I misplaced my tights, had to keep looking for stuff and make the coffee.  I was out the door with a half of a mug which doesn’t fit in my cup holders, but was on the road to the Bunny Trail through McNee Ranch State Park, above Grey Whale Cove in Montara above Highway 1.

There must be something in the chart today that’s quite off.  Usually when I verify it, I’m usually correct.  A void Moon or an intense angle of some Planets that don’t rule me as much as they reflect what’s going on with me in a macro-cosmic way as I am extended through the Universes.  Thankfully, the influence is mild and I’ll see how it plays out.  By the time I left home it was already after 7 am.  Got to the trail around 8 and was done with the run at 9.  Now its almost 10 and I have yet to vote and get to work.  I have a little buffer of time before my first client.  Telling myself to relax, don’t rush.  When I try to do too many things too fast is when I get into trouble.  I know that much about myself already.

But the disorder:  coming over the ridge to 1 on the highway through Daly City, my fuel tank light came on as empty.  I was hoping that I could make it to the trail and back without refueling.  Wasn’t going to happen as my worst fear was being stuck in rush hour traffic coming off of the 280 to 6th Street and getting stalled or worse.  Fortunately, I brought my wallet and stopped at the Shell at Rockaway Beach and managed to scrounge up enough to put $4.50 on # 5.  When I finally got to the trail head, I started up the ridge, looked down only to discover that I left my headlights on.  Oops, false start.  When I came home I almost left my headlights on again.  I’m noticing that my front tire is going flat and needs to be inflated.

But for the trail– good thing I wore my tights.  It wasn’t windy, just fogged in and the dew on the weeds along the side of the trail didn’t soak my legs and get cold enough to give me hives.  I did load up on the Fluticasone and the Loratidine, and the caffeine before I hit the trail.  We’ll see how these allergy drugs do when I get into more inclement weather.  Saw the bunnies pop out along the trail and was happy to see them.  Lots of babies, so cute and fuzzy, and that’s how this trail got its name from me.  Coming around and cutting into the switchbacks I saw 2 men in cleansuits with exterminator canisters spraying along the trail.  They were led by a guy in back country drag with a fluorescent  safety vest.  I took my earbuds out, one of which, the left, is blown out, and asked the leader what they were spraying for.  I had to ask him twice I didn’t hear him clearly and made out that he was saying “Pampas Grass.”  I followed up, “Is it a weed?”  “Yes,” he agreed.  That explains why the trails looked so inexplicably clean yesterday.  Last year I needed some of that Pampas Grass for a drag number and didn’t end up foraging for it on that trail because I thought it might get me in some trouble.

Slogging uphill, having to stop when I needed to.  If it wasn’t a shoelace it was just cos I was getting worn out.  Saw another trail runner, tall and lanky in an orange long sleeve and dark blue running shorts down below me.  He was running at a much faster pace than I and felt that if he caught me it would be slightly humiliating.  However, I made it to the top of the trail, wound my way back down, finished the run and was all “Hell yeah!”

Coming down I felt a strain in my left inner ankle, at the tendon I guess and a slight hamstring strain in the same leg.  Know that I definitely don’t need an overuse, will try to do yoga tonight if it is at all possible.  Definitely won’t attempt to run tomorrow so maybe this cycle is Run Run Rest Run Run (2-1-2).

Thought came to me that I should set up a photo blog here on WordPress for my Heavy Metal–Wildlife–Nature Photography.

Surprisingly, there was still some Vodka in the freezer that survived the aftermath of the ENSLAVED show on Thursday night and forgotten over a weekend of camping in the Redwoods with Bob, the dregs of which I am honestly enjoying right now. Just got back from a new run on an old trail, dropped off my concert photographs to be developed at Walgreens and am decamping right about now.

I ran what I fondly call the Bunny Trail, which is really the Grey Whale Cove Trail connecting to Old San Pedro Mountain Trail which will actually wend its way over a summit and down behind the Safeway in Pacifica.  I must have been killing it when I was running it last year, but I have to say that my run today was completed, not hella strong, but I made it up and down the mountain.  My stats are all in the link, but roughly, what I did was a 4.15 mile run with a 773 ft climb on switchbacks and then back all the way down in just under an hour.  Hill work, lets call it, after the monotonous flats of the Great Highway.  I park in the lot above the beach, run up the hill, run back down.  Prettty much what a trail runner does.

On the drive there I was wondering if I dressed appropriately in my shorts, a dri-fit tank and my North Face T.  All high tech fabrics.  Daunted a bit by the fog swooping into Daly City, but by the time I rounded the coast on Highway 1, Pacifica was clear.  Got out and decided a Taco Bell burrito was in order and ate the grilled chicken one and still have the bean.  It was windy, but its the elements, part of what I deal with.  Drove up to Gray Whale Cove above Devils slide, and the fog had licked in again.  Points and promontories and heat from the land mass directing the coastal flow.

The verdant switchbacks and lush late spring growth protected the trails from any direct wind, but where the bluffs were exposed the wind was blustery, yet still not too intense to deal with.  As it were, as I got to the switchbacks of the Old San Pedro Mountain Trail I started to overheat, so stripped down one layer to the tank.  Taking it slowly uphill, this is really my first hill challenge in the new training regime, so just being conscious of my limits and making sure I get the work out done safely and without hurting myself.  It seemed a long time to get up to the overlook, where the Gray Whale Cove Trail heads straight down the side of the mountain.  It really is a bit to steep and intense to run safely, you are running in a rain gully and there is no packed trail, I’ve tried it before.  On the way down I passed a horse, its rider and an accompanying dog, making sure that I slowed down enough not to shy the horse.  Coming down is a breeze and I managed that strongly.  Happy to report no aching in the calfs, just a hint of a little strain in the knees and shins, but slowing down, adjusting got me through it.

I’m not sure how I am going to work the trail in sequence.  I liked doing 4 straight, but the hillwork may be pretty intense although it is the same mileage.  I think I’m hitting it tomorrow before work, then we’ll see what happens.  I do intend to take this mountain down.  I recall eating it for breakfast, but that was a while back.

After the run, I dropped off my 2 rolls of film that I shot at the ENSLAVED concert on Thursday 14 May 2009.  The tour manager, Tonje Peersen hooked me up with a photo credential, so I was able to get my camera from coatcheck and shoot the show.  I met her and the band earlier that day at Rasputin Records for the autograph signing.  I was the first one there.  Tonje shot 2 pics of me with the band and I presented Grutle Kjellson with the photograph I shot of him in Oakland, a version of which is the photograph of my previous blog post.  He likewise signed the same print for me, the band signed my Vertebrae CD, their latest release on the front cover and also the disc.  I took advantage of being the first one there and also had them sign my Vertebrae t-shirt and a poster that the record store was giving away.  Ivar Bjornson was all, “would you like us to sign this too?” indicating the vinyl tablecloth that the store crew had put over the signing tables.  I told him, “Yes, and I’ll eat off of it later.”  Psycho fan.  What can I say?

I had the other fan that showed up take a picture of me and Ivar together.  I look like a beatific geek/tourist in it.  Well, how many people get to meet their favorite artists in a lifetime more than once?  I did.  Hell to the fucking METAL!

So needless to say, when I showed up at the concert and they patted down my power purse and found a professional film camera inside, they weren’t letting me in with it.  I protested that nowhere on the tickets did it say that photography was banned, and ENSLAVED is good with their fans, most of their band pics are posted by fans.  So security insisted I check it, so I went up and tried to just check the purse and slip Bob my camera, but the security guard smelled it so I had to check the camera with the purse.  And now for the beauty of the power of intention.  I knew I could take photographs and I knew that Tonje would make it right.  I went down to the merch booth and explained what it was that I wanted:  to take photographs of ENSLAVED.  They radioed Tonje, she came down and presently hooked me up with a photo credential.  I was so utterly grateful.  A total validation of my loyalty and the bands recognition of me.  See being a geeked out fan can really pay off, as embarassing and as retarded as it made me feel, I was rewarded.  I think I got some good shots.  We’ll just have to wait to get back the proofs.

ENSLAVED was phenomenal.  I was out of film by the 3rd song of their set.  The second roll I managed to switch to a zoom lens and got some closeups.  Really nice people at the front of the pit, allowing me to get in and take pictures right from the center.  I could have gone behind the barricade with my photo credential, but I was just fine where I was.  In the PIT!  I’m a fan and this is where I belong.  Up front, close and personal.  The rest of the show, was like a trance for me, camera safeley stowed in my red leather purse.  Missed the signing at 9 with the band at the merch counter in favor of getting more Vodka, but like the entry from the last post said:  METAL WILL PREVAIL.

Saw probably about 2 and a half songs by OPETH, and could see why people like them, but really, can’t hold a candle to my band, but I’m sure they are good in their own right.  I had enough, was glazed, coated in Metal and was ready to bust.

Bob and I hiked from the Regency down O’Farrel because I wanted to see my old studio flat.  Stopped in at the Nitecap and ran into the bartendress Universe Walker that I met and hung out with at the Gold Dust Lounge because I showed up at the signing 3 hours (I exagerate here!) early and she was the one who showed me how to set up my ephemera for ENSLAVED to sign, so you see how it comes full circle.  She’s also in beauty school and loves the Barber Lounge, ironically enough.  $3 well happy hour all day is gonna make Nitecap my new little TL hangout.

So Friday, Bob and I got my shit together, loaded up the truck, got more booze and food, his shit from his place in Belmont and hit the road to Paul M Dimmick campground in the Anderson Valley.  Highway 101 to 128 towards the coast and its all good.  They call it Dramamine Drive, and it is a little sickening.  You pass by the most established Californian wineries:  Scharfenberger, Roederer, Husch, Navarro.  128 wends its way along the Navarro River to the Coast dumping out at Point Arena.  Paul M. Dimmick campground is about 6 miles from the coast.  Medocino is yet another 20 miles up Highway 1 from the junction with 128.  Bob and I found a great spot surrounded by Redwood, Oak and a dense undergrowth of foliage from Blackberry Bushes, Nettles and Vinca Major.  Set up our camp, lit the fire had some cocktails and it really wasn’t about elaborate food that night.  Frankfurters and Polish Sausages.

Bob can laze in his tent a good long while.  Thats cool, he can do as he pleases, he’s my best friend.  But I got up early and dicked around the campsite until he was coherrent enough to give me the keys so we could get the coffee started.  Breakfast of scallops and omelets followed a leisurely time after.  Restless, I decided to explore a little and hiked down 128 looking for some possible trails to run or access to the river.   I found neither and realized that 128 is a pretty dangerous highway to be a pedestrian on.  Bob was quite comfortable reading his book in the shade at the campsite and had no desire for adventure but he offered me the keys to his pick-up and I went on a Vodka run to the coastal city of Albion.  The Vodka had been well picked over, busy weekend, the shopclerk said, so I settled on Skyy and also got a bottle of Crane Lake Zinfandel which at $4 was surprisingly good (wish I had picked up another appelation).  I stopped at Point Arena and explored it a little shot some pics on my phone but didn’t wander into the water cos I was afraid of getting the phone wet and also my allergy to cold moisture.  Was really hoping I could find a beach to go nude at, but thats a different quest, one which I will do.  I wanna road trip up the Northern Californian Coast, trail running and skinny dipping.  I see that maybe happening this summer.  Pulled off at a turnout where I saw a huge felled Redwood that had ferns and clover growing on the side of it and a tunnel running through it and just could not resist crawling through that hole.

Got back to camp, Bob was asleep, so I drank a whole bottle of the other Chard I brought with us.  Bob woke up and it was all gourmet steaks and Vodka all night long.  Next morning I could tell that Bob was still enjoying the slow pace and we didn’t decamp until almost 8.

So I’m back in the City, missed a heatwave, but the whole weekend starting on Thursday has been totally hot.  Looking forward to conquering my new trails, getting a paycheck and dealing with my foolishness.

4 days in sequence.  That now concludes the Great Highway trail.  I hit it at 7 am and driving back the traffic was light.  I really need to try to be out of the house by 7.  My intention was to run it strong, but in practice it was mediocre.  Started out OK, then realized that it really is the morning coffee. The pool at Judah was closed so I had to drop the kids off at Taraval.  Too many stops prevented me from  developing a decent rhythm.  It got done though.

ENSLAVED is coming to town tomorrow and I went to Walgreen’s to pick up my enlargements of Grutle Kjellson to have him sign one for me and to give him one at the autograph session at Rasputin’s Records on Powell Street.  I then stopped at Office Depot and used my gift card to get silver and gold metallic Sharpies, a clear plastic frame for the photo I’m gifting Grutle and a large brown wooden frame to matte the autographed photo of him.  This picture of Grutle I shot in 2007 in Oakland.   I contributed this photograph to Grutle Kjellson’s wikipedia page.  I hope he recognizes the photo he will sign and appreciates that I am ENSLAVED’s #1 fan in San Francisco.  I am so stoked about this.  I love ENSLAVED so much that there is a twitter feed from the band at the bottom of this blog.  I am going to sign the back of his photo and attempt to describe how much he, his band and their music inspires me and brings me closer to the source of myself.

So ENSLAVED tomorrow, then Bob and I are going camping somewhere after the concert on Friday morning.  Northern Californian Coast.  Maybe Mendocino.   Should be an adventure because we don’t know exactly where we are going and we both don’t have any money!   Sounds like a quest.  Metal will prevail!

For lack of a better option, trail.  Slept on the couch again, but woke up at 6:10 am ready to do aquatics.  I knew where my Burberry Speedo’s were, but couldn’t find my lock or my goggles, and because lap swim is only from 6-8am, thought it would be better to just gear up for the trail rather than stressing out and having a drag attack trying to find my swimming equipment.

I’m sitting here brewing another coffee, and waiting for the rec center to open so I can go do weights and at least get in a bit of X Training.  Just got back from my run on the Great Highway and that makes it 3 days consecutive running that trail.  I guess in a sense I want to get it over with and get back to more epic trails with varied elevation and under cover of trees.  I feel a little overconfined to that thin trail on the median strip, the drive back during the rush hour commute is a little anxiety causing and its boring, there are too many people on the trail.  But one more day and its over.  Building my base and doing well.  Surprised that I have the stamina to do trail x3, fuck it, I’m gonna run it tomorrow and get it over with.

Weather has been consistently bright with a slight breeze.  Perfect for running, at times I thought I could go without a shirt, but best not.  Haven’t had the break out of hives and I think that the Fluticasone Propionate inhalant may be helping to suppress my allergy to cold moisture.  Started out pretty strong.  Felt like an athlete, but had to take a dump right in the deco bathroom at Judah.  Stalls have no doors.  Like that.  Shit in the open.   Continued my run feeling lighter, obviously, and less constipated.  I really have to figure out if it is my morning pre-run coffee that makes me have to take a shit on the trail.  Could have sworn I took a shit before I left the house.  Anyway…

Came back strong.  Bored by it.  But it was the right thing to do.  Maybe things will get more interesting on Ocean Beach when the surf is up and the hot long boarders come out early in the morning to get in and out of their wetsuits.

Wasted an hour waiting for the rec center to open and now I’m back.  I’m kind of torn about whether it was worth it.  I’m crashing now.  For the sake of argument, lets just agree it was.  Very short workout because the weight room was packed with at least 11 guys, myself and Prison Daddy.  I made sure to get out of the mirror when he was doing seated dumbbell curls.  Left because I couldn’t find a safe space or a free bench to continue my workout, but I did feel light headed and gave up on the alternating barbell lunges.

  • DP 4×12
  • BR 4×8
  • UR 3×8
  • BC 4×8
  • OR 3×8

5 exercises, not bad.  Now its spaghetti for breakfast.  Hope I can do something fulfilling tonite like hit the yoga class.

I slept on the couch again, which is usually an indication of loneliness, depression, anxiety and despair.  So much going on which I can’t handle right now, but this isn’t going to be the time I divulge.  Working on my shit.  Slow with the progress.  I’m alright, and I’m surviving.  Just keep working out and I’ll be fine.

So because I had a flat the other day it threw off my schedule.  I felt like I wanted to run today, so I hit the Great Highway one more time.  2 consecutive days in a row.  No surprise that I was a little bit faster.  So it gave me an idea for a new routine, to work out at least as far as running the Great Highway is concerned:

  • Run
  • Run
  • X Train
  • Run
  • Run
  • Active Rest

This routine is a more running intensive than the 4 day alternating routine I had been doing.  I will still try to stack or brick a weight session or a yoga class whenever I can do.

For some reason my run logged as 4.61 miles.  I’m pretty sure that I want to do the Bunny Trail, (McNee Ranch above Gray Whale Cove) next.  I am going camping with Bob this weekend so I’ll have to see what I can do to stay tracked.

Not much to say about the run except a mile in on Pacheco I took of my shirt and finished the rest of the 3 mile topless.  Went back and forth via Lincoln and that seems to be the fastest way.  Got gas at the Arco on 14th and dropped my negatives of Grutle Kjellson of ENSLAVED to be enlarged so I can get him to sign it when the band comes to town on Thursday.

Now I’m gonna futz in the kitchen, make some lunch and go to the Rec Center at 3.