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Trail run complete I stopped at Safeway in the Linda Mar shopping center to get some hot dog buns, but couldn’t pass up the fresh french bread on sale right at the checkout counter.   Came home and made some hot dogs with grilled onions like the way the vendors do it in front of Trannyshack.  They were good, but I really should have gone with the buns.  Forgot to wrap the hot dogs in bacon too.  Now I know what I was missing.

Just enough time to shower off the mud, eat lunch and change into my yoga drag to go to SOMA Gold’s for a 4’0’clock yoga class: Warrior’s Choice  Vinyasa Flow taught by Josh Camire. Arriving 5 minutes early the class was already packed and it took me some time to find a comfortable place for my mat with good energy where I didn’t have to look at somebody’s gym shoes in front of me.  As I was getting settled, Josh took the time to acknowledge me which I think is a sign of a good instructor, getting to know the people in his class.

I have to admit here that I find Josh super hot.  He’s kind of like a mash-up of Lavice and Darren Main.  Tatted, swarthy, unshaven and hair in need of a cut solidly built but not too tall and just exuding a total masculine vibe and a charismatic confidence I just couldn’t help but respond to.  We began the flow on our backs and although Warrior’s Choice was different than my usual practice, I could feel it working out the tightness I was experiencing from my trail run earlier that afternoon.

Josh really managed his class firmly, concisely explaining every pose without digression or overly fixating on detail.  The music he played over the stereo was some deep dark bathhouse yoga trance with an analog distortion and fuzzy replicant fade,  just present enough that I only heard it when I appreciated it for what it was.  Was worried that I wouldn’t have the patience to make it through class but soon the hour and a half was over and I felt even better than when I came.  My body really needed that.

So the next day, today, Monday, I thought I would try and do that whole Tai Chi, Yoga, Trail Run Triathlon again.  I picked up @suzboop for 8am yoga with Ben Yokoyama and was pleased to know that she likes his class and decided to join my gym.  After class she got Ben’s history and found out that his yoga teachers were one of @suzboop’s own and Darren Main who founded Naked Yoga for Men.  So its no wonder that the Castro Gold’s Yoga schedule is a good fit for us.  We’re all nuts hanging off the same yoga tree.


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